Julian Ritter

‚Äč1909 - 2000

The Estate of Julian Ritter, painter of beauty and fantasy, is now offered to the discerning collector. Featuring works from 1947 to 2000, the Ritter 928 Gallery showcases works ranging in size from small to near mural-size paintings. Julian Ritter interests spanned allegorical fantasies, portraits, human interest and tropical travels, as well as the fabulous and ever popular glamour girls and clowns. His style was composed of confident brushstrokes, jewel-like colors and a mastery of montages, swirling image interplay. Ritter's strong interest in human foibles created the stage for masterful depictions of innocence versus sophistication, good battling with evil, hypocrisy contrasting with truth. Ritter was a moralist, contrasting the Seven Deadly Sins with the innocence inherent in beauty. 

Red Dancer 48"x 96" Oil on panel  1963

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